My First KDE Sprint and the Qt Dev Days :)

I *Finally* reached Munich on Friday afternoon(phew!!!)…. waited for an hour at the airport (Of course, the free WiFi saved me!!!) to pick Kryzstof  up and then both of us went to the Nokia’s Office. It was a nice and warm welcome that we’d received…Meeting the people behind the IRC nicks and the Software I Use immediately reminded me of asiego’s statement: “remember, though, that the people doing the “highly integrated” products at these companies are just people too. they aren’t magical oompa loompa wood elves.”



"Just Say Yes!!!"


…. and here goes my (first of many) Thanks to Chani 🙂 without whose power plug adapter, my Laptop’s Battery would have starved to death…. The first day got over very quickly..I sat down and updated my KDE… and read a bit about Ovi and thats it(!!!)…We all went out for the dinner… and then to the AO hostel :


The AO hostel 🙂


The Second Day: Today is the day when i finally met Sascha (my GSoC mentor), we sat down and just checked out my GSoC code, after which I somehow broke my Ubuntu (actually “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade”) : It simply didn’t boot!!! So thats when i had to get back to my Arch Installation t continue the work…. Till noon, Sascha cleaned up my code with “const”s and indentation and stuff(till that point i didn’t notice how ugly my code looked!!!)…while i had to setup my Syncevolution’s development environment on Arch…

Then there was the battle with a couple of bugs: one is the Syncevolution’s problem with the glib-dbus blah blah blah , which finally disappeared with a system upgrade (actually this was a known bug.. for which I found the solution on the Internet)… and then we had the *HUGE* lunch… And then, it was time for some Nintendo Wii 😀 😀 😀 And then, I tried to get my syncevolution up and running… and it Finally ran… I Wish it was that simple!!! NO!! thats not how it went…Dont exactly know what the problem was(I Still don’t know whats going on, but i’m sure autotools is to blame here!!!) but, the KWallet part of the syncevolution of the syncevolution didn’t work!!!!  So I demonstrated syncevolution using the Gnome Keyring… (apparently i really didn’t remember my passwords!!!)
meanwhile, We (me and Sascha) then discussed the GUI of syncevolution( it was something that was needed to be discussed, as IRC simply wasn’t enough to discuss the mockups!!!), which Sivan was interested to finish off… so welcome Sivan, to the synKevolution project 😀 😀


Dinner time


And then, if i remember it right, it was the pizza time (for the dinner!!) and then i again got back to the syncevolution .. tried to figure out what the bug was … during this apparently even Knut broke his (K)ubuntu broke!!! so sat down theretrying to boot his laptop : It didn’t have a CD/DVD drive, so tried to use a pen drive, which apparently didn’t work with Kubuntu latest version and Unetbootin!!!! After trying for half an hour or so, i Finally burned a CD and used a USB CD drive fix it!

and here comes the awesome little incident: It has been 3 years since my N70 and it now is in  it’s 7th and final stage of life : random restarts, the memory effect on the battery, etc… (The 7 Ages any one!!!)!!! it barely survives all my experiments: Syncevolution, some python stuff, heavy internet browsing : GNUBOX anyone??, lot of NES games…. Anyways, There I was in Munich, to toss a coin and decide btw. the Nokia N900 and some really powerful Android device. (Actually if the coin has a 3rd side, it would be waiting for the Meego device).. and Knut Actually gifted us with the complimentary development devices from Nokia and I got THE NOKIA N900 (Thanks a TON Nokia and Knut, its really awesome!!!) (Of course, a seperate blog post on my New and awesome N900 is on it’s way, but only after my Game Design Course assignment!!)


Totally Lost in my new N900!!


With the New N900 in my hand, i could barely even look at the syncevolution bug… so fiddled around with it for some time…and then finally left to the AO hostel… Ah here comes the thing about the railway strike (or something).. the train we were on stopped in the midway and took us back in the reverse direction….and then we had to use another train to get the hostel…

And here comes the 3rd day…Went down to the office and then found out that Sascha had to leave early… So unfortunately could’t have the discussion on the syncevolution’s GUI that day…Btw. I finally met pradeepto today… i had a tough time recognizing him from his facebook picture though.. anyways, today we all sat down and had “the talk” about the sprint topic,


Biography of the Symbian OS!!!


what KDE can do for Ovi and vice versa… I’m sure you can catch more about the moral of the story of the discussion on our wiki page @

anyways, after(or before) that talk there pradeepto started his talk on the evolution of the Symbian OS, which apparently made me really happy: for the last n years, there i was silently following the news on whatever i could find on my mobile phone, and have collected enough info on it that I was able to finish off each line as he spoke!!!
Don’t know how, but the day quickly ended… and we headed off to dinner… don’t really remember the name of the place but, it was near the place where the Oktober Fest was hosted this year… and had an awesome dinner.. (did I tell you that Nokia actually paid for our food too???) Anyways the dinner was awesome and then we headed back to the hostel… And ya, btw. this was the last day of the sprint!!! There I was thinking that this was a coding sprint and was hoping to get atleast parts of the synKevolution GUI up and running… but apparently this was something else… more of a brainstorming session I guess… and my contribution was : Syncevolution already (just) works(TM) with Ovi… It only needed a couple of fixes to be better!!!

And then the Dev Days:
Well I could write a couple of pages on just this one… but let me quickly finish it off in 3 sentences(I’m sure you ve already read a LOT about the Dev Days in many other blogs)… It was more about Networking(meeting people!!!) , Qt Quick (or Qt Declarative or QML or whatever you know it as, but it really DID feel like the whole of the dev days was just for this one topic!!! and apparently And for a couple of reasons, THIS is what is getting into the synKevolution’s GUI too…) and exploring new technology related to Qt 😀
And the Dev days went really smooth… On the last day, Leinir got a new N8 from Nokia for being a Qt Ambassador…and did I tell you I tried to charge my N900 using an N8‘s USB port??!!!….


Me trying to recharge my N900 with Leinir's N8!!


Apparently it din’t pump out enough electrons to keep my N900 alive, but still it felt awesome to see the N900 trying to charge itself from the N8!!!
There ended the Awesome Dev Days…

This being my first trip to anyplace beyond my Home country(more precisely: any place beyond my home and my college/school or a couple of other places), I decided to stay in Munich for a couple of extra days and see the place around…Most people had to leave on Wednesday and Thursday Morning…So it already was getting a bit nostalgic for me…Anyways, the first day to see Munich was Thursday: Me, Rune, Sivan and Kryzstof went into the city as tourists, for the first time!! As soon as we went into the city, Kryzstof got lost in the crowd.. we tried to look for him for


A breathtaking performance !!!


some time and then gave it up, feeling not that bad as he can speak the language and he had a flight to catch…. From his Picassa uploads, I’m assuming he is safe and secure in his homeland now..We toured the whole city on the Tourist Bus and then had to bid Rune a good bye  and then the trip to the Musical Instruments store: I bought myself a little plastic flute and Sivan bought himself a harmonica. After that, we hanged around the store and played with the keyboards in there(the Tyros 3 felt awesome)… Also came to know that Yamaha Tyros 4 is coming out next Week!!!!  We soon left the Music Store and headed back to the Hostel when Sivan had to finally leave… so There I was: the last person from the sprint to leave Munich… So slept early that day..

The next day, I Woke up early and then toured the whole city (well as much as I can by foot)… I started at around 10… and moved on and on till 6 … When i finally was tired from all the walking, I was lost and couldn’t find my way back to hostel(the Street Musicians in Munich were so damn awesome that i literally was lost in their music and to add to that I couldn’t read the signs on the streets, so i should say that was bound to happen)… At this point of time, I had a really interesting encounter with this plesant person called Stephen.. He was selling some spiritual books, and he came upto me and started chatting with me about stuff … and he was like “The Lord helps you when you ask for it.. Jesus shows you the path…” … when the talk was over ,the  funny thing is he told me where to go next to find the way back to my hostel… me being an atheist, have decided to leave this encounter as an interesting serendipitous moment(is this the right usage of this word)?? though…but Ya I did wonder what if I wasn’t one…


The Walking Man


And then had to go back to the hostel and moved to my new room just .. I was so tired that i fell asleep before even i could go get some dinner… while watching Frasier..And then the last day in Munich… got up early, had some breakfast and some internet browsing and then did some shopping for chocolates last minute souviniers with Obate (I hope I spelled it right, he was one of the roommates of my new room)..and then here I am at the Munich airport charging my laptop and my N900 while wondering why half the Wifi Accesspoints here are paid ones(really costly!!!) when there are Lot many free accesspoints in the same place at the same time!!!!

Cheers 😀

P.S  The most Ironic thing about the sprint: it was the break i desperately needed , for the past 8 months or so…  and (not so surprisingly!) I spent it all on as much techie stuff as I can!! 😀


Special Thanks to all our sponsors 🙂


So here goes my BIG Thanks to Leinir and all the people (especially Claudia!!!) who made my first sprint an awesome experience 🙂

Btw. If you ve managed to read THIS BIG blog post, then do leave me a comment and let me know.. cuz even by my standards, this is a really BIG blog post!!!!

My First KDE Sprint and the Qt Dev Days :)