A series of unfortunate screenshots :)

This Year I am mentoring Rohan Garg for his GSoC project, which is more or less the same thing as i have promised for my GSoC project last year… And I think it would be my responsibility to Justify why I would be passing him for his mid term evaluation…. since he couldn’t *yet* blag about it ๐Ÿ˜‰

And then ……

2) Part of What kept me busy for the past few months, when i was silent …. my excuse for my silence: was stuck up at a few places, and hence couldn’t yet brag about it…….but i did learn a lot of things while doing this , and that gives me blagging rights ๐Ÿ˜›

and then something…

Something Classified, that I wont yet give away ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now you must be wondering why exactly would i be calling them unfortunate…….. One Simple Reason: they aren’t yet ready for your everyday use……….so it will be a little while before you can get your hands on (y)our Happily Ever After(tm) ๐Ÿ˜›

Ah and yes, Speaking of Happily Ever Afters………


P.S I guess this speaks for all the stuff unsaid, from all the saved drafts in my wordpress acount ……. i guess….I can safely delete them now ๐Ÿ™‚

A series of unfortunate screenshots :)

A Thanking Note

Basically, I will be graduating in a month and half (hopefully ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) So was pondering about what all will be taking along with me, that I gained during my college life…..

So, KDE (and foss in general) is one of the first things that came to my mind, and along with it came the memories of conf.kde.in , that took place a month ago….ย It obviously was the most awwsome time, I had in a long time…..

So whats so Awwsome about it?Well, met lots of interesting folks …. and when i said interesting, It really was meeting *so many* people who shared similar interests with me….. and that really is a nice experience…

It was a really nice bonding experience, from a personal perspective… I mean we finally were able to put some faces on the names that were registered in our heads… And then, It was an intellectually satisfying experience…. cuz when you meet so many awesome people, you obviously can’t stop them talking about sooooooo many interesting topics….. And then it was also really useful to make some contacts… basically whom to bug for what…. and then on the whole it really was a nice experience……

And then I finally got some time to sit down with friends and finish off some looooooong overdue work, which I will be bragging about in the next Blogpost, really soon…. I promise ๐Ÿ™‚

And ya My session was supposed to introduce beginners to programming/Qt to the basic features of Qt GUI, with the help of this small minesweeper.. Due to the unavailability of time,cuz of the overwhelming response, it was scaled down from a 4 hours lab session(where everyone gets to make one) to a 30 minutes talk(i explained bits and pieces of code in the most raw and boring way possible). ย So, dunno how many of you actually benefited from it.. so here I am, I have uploaded everything onto my BitBucket Repo (Including my presentation slides) , Hope it is useful…

from 0 to minesweeper :ย in python and qt

So many people

A Thanking Note

Are we there yet?

Hi All,

Next week i have my exams, so here i am, putting a pause to my work on syncevolution. Will get back to work after next saturday. ย So what exactly is the current status? I’d say we are 65% there: The backend is nearly ready.Theoretically, it needs :

1) 1 addition so that KDE specific entries of a contact are preserved during a sync.

2) A bug fix, which will have to start the akonadi server if it isn’t already running. Currently The sync operation just hangs up on my ubuntu machine, if akonadi backend is enabled and the akonadi server isn’t running.

3) Need to look for a notes application using akonadi. Right now, we are just storing the Notes as plain text items in an akonadi collection, while KNotes can’t access it.

And apart from these major ToDos , there are little fixes here and there, a lot of testing, a GUI(Work in progress) and a Bluedevil plugin(nearly done) are in store. So once done, All the goodies of a Nokia PC Suite would be available on a KDE desktop.

And for those tired of reading my blog posts and are interested in having a hands on experience on the actual thing, here it is:

git://gitorious.org/meego-middleware/syncevolution.git syncevolution

All the information you need is contained within…




Beware, Its A LOT of homework to be done , so i seriously suggest waiting for the completed work, which I promise will be here very soon.. I really want your first impression to be something really good, and right now the code is nowhere near that.

To simplify things a bit, here is the moral of the story of the Readme files(feel free to point out if i missed out anything),

Step 1) Install all the dependencies. On my ubuntu machine, this is what i had to install: i might have missed out some or added something extra… especially the build-essentials package and git-core…

sudo apt-get install libnotify-dev libboost-dev libakonadi-dev akonadi-server libqt4-dev kdepim-runtime kdepimlibs5-dev akonadiconsole libbluetooth-dev libsoup-gnome2.4-dev libopenobex-dev libglib2.0-dev libdbus-glib-1-dev libtool intltool automake xsltproc libsqlite3-dev libpcre3-dev

Step 2) Get and compile the source code from my git repo:

mkdir SyncEvolution
cd SyncEvolution

#get libsynthesis needed for syncevolution from the repo

git clone git://gitorious.org/meego-middleware/libsynthesis.git synthesis

#get syncevolution
git clone git://gitorious.org/meego-middleware/syncevolution.git syncevolution

cd syncevolution

cd ..
mkdir build
cd build
../syncevolution/configure –prefix=$PWD/../dist –with-synthesis-src=../synthesisย –disable-shared –enable-static –enable-developer-mode –disable-ebook –disable-ecal –enable-dbus-service –enable-akonadi –enable-qt-dbus –enable-kwallet

# Assuming that everything builds perfectly,
# now you will have start syncevo-dbus-server in SyncEvolution/build/src
# and then you can use the command line tool syncevolution in the same directory

Step 3) Configure it and Use it ๐Ÿ™‚ (The command line tool will function as advertised in the README.rst

If you get stuck at any point, feel free to contact me on this blog.
Good Luck (Y)

P.S Make sure that you have backed up your PIM data before you try this. (on both the devices). I myself have lost my contacts or ended up with too many duplicates.

Also, additional information could be found on http://syncevolution.org/

[updated to fetch the libsynthesis from the meego repo and to use the syncevolution’s master branch]

Are we there yet?


Hi Dinesh,

We have processed the evaluation for your project named Bringing SyncML support to Akonadi with KDE.

Congratulations, from our data it seems that you have successfully passed the Final Evaluations. Please contact your mentor to discuss the results of your evaluation and to plan your goals and development plan for the rest of the program

The Google Open Source Programs Team


P.S please excuse me about my blog post I promised: was caught up hunting down some last minute bugs…and there is 1 bug thats still tormenting me. I ll update as soon as it is over ๐Ÿ™‚


:beep: :beep: Hello PIM, Hello GSoc, Hello Planet

AWESOME :D!!! I got into GSoC 2010 ๐Ÿ™‚ probably the first thing I should do now is thank the really friendly KDE community and my mentor Sascha and my friends (for their support and wishes)!! Also Congrats to me fellow GSoC students ๐Ÿ™‚

Before I start, let me introduce myself: I am Dinesh, currently pursuing 3rd year of my Engineering @DA-IICT .

And here I’m,to explain what I will be working on:

“Bringing SyncML support to Akonadi” :

Incase you are wondering what the above statement means, it is to basically let KDE PIM apps exchange information like Contacts, Calendar Entries, Notes, TODO lists with most mobile phones out there in market…

Well, now the first question one would want to ask for such a thing is “Whats the need for such a thing?”

Ah, I m glad you finally asked that question: finally got the chance to speak out this nice little speech of mine:

Let me start with the most obvious use cases:

1. Since you can exchange data with your PC,ย  it would be like taking a back up of your information(about 8 months ago this was the only thing that I could come up with)

2.ย  And since the data is on your PC, you can easily share the data between multiple devices, like say when you bought yourself a new phone or you actually use more than one phones… and hence keeping all of them up to date with each other: the changes made in one will automatically appear in all the other devices (if you wish to do so ๐Ÿ™‚ )

3. And NOW comes an interesting point: THE RISE OF SOCIAL NETWORKS!! Whether we noticed it already or not, social networks already have become our PIM services!

Take Facebook, for example: it even offers a Facebook phonebook application, which fetches the information of all your Facebook friends! (look at the brilliance of it! this phonebook automatically gets updated when someone changes their phone number… so even if you havent been in touch with someone for a very long time, and suddenly need to contact him/her, you can still catch them since you are on the same network(provided that they update their number on Facebook too… never will you ever have to bother about updating your phonebook.. so let the government take it’s time in bringing mobile number portability, we are cool cuz we already up to date with people ,thanks to the internet)), also say you even have their Facebook status update in your mobile phone , you actually would know whether to call him or her before you actually call him or her…(you wouldn’t really want to disturb someone who says “I don’t want to be disturbed”, would you?)… and the best thing is all this happens behind the scenes… so once again, you shouldn’t ever worry about checking things or updating your phone book for this… Also, you’ve accepted to attend some event on Facebook, many of your new friends have their birthdays coming up, shouldnt you carry that information along with you, before adding a new task to your calendar on the go(so as to prevent collisions).. and there are many more use cases like this… so essentially, your PIM data is where it needs to be: with you, when you need it! (unless you want to carry your laptop with you all the time)

So naturally one might ask, shouldnt you be building a Facebook mobile app. (with a feature to cache most data, so as to suit the restricted data plans) rather than doing things indirectly!? Simple.. what about point numbers 1 and 2 then?? and also, should one has to lose all the data, when he/she wishes to shut down/ move away from Facebook? And what about the friends who don’t use facebook, but are on some other network?

Convinced about my work? At least I’m convinced enough for me to work on it ๐Ÿ™‚ (although the third point needs a lot more work than my current proposal for GSoC, that’s basically what I want to achieve in the long-term, so if anyone with similar agenda,your help here is greatly appreciated! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Now a bit more about my GSoC project: basically this semester(which ends in a week!!), I wanted to implement a mobile application for my software engineering course project, which does take care of the third point. But sadly/thankfully couldn’t take up the project because of certain reasons. so decided to work on it by myself and hence slowly learned about things, (this actually added to the fun of the busiest and awesome semesters i had till now !)

Now a bit more technical stuff on how the project started: first decided to look up ways to transfer stuff to my good old N70 and then learned a bit about SyncML and was looking around for stuff and then found out about OpenSync, tried to use any tricks I found on the net to get open sync running with my Linux desktop and just before GSoC started found out how OpenSync was mostly a dead-end (honestly, their wiki page was really promising), and then came to know about SyncEvolution! and then found out about Sascha’s last year’s GSoC. and then here i am ๐Ÿ™‚

Wishing all my fellow GSoC students a very good luck, and especially college mates: Aditya Bhatt(for his face recognition support for digiKam) and Nikhil Marathe(for his UPnP support for amaroK)

Time to get back to tomorrow’s exam prep.

wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚



P.S.ย I might be a bit slow to get back to replies this week. Once after this Tuesday (when my end-semester exams are finally over), I’ll get back to my GSoC project with all my energies.

:beep: :beep: Hello PIM, Hello GSoc, Hello Planet