Skeyer gets a Jenkins server

Since my primary laptop was under repair, here is a quick update for the last couple of weeks:

I wrote a bunch of tests and benchmarks for Skeyer and set up a Jenkins server to run them for me on every git push. Since I couldn’t get the BitBucket’s Jenkins hook to work, I manually added a POST hook like this:

http://<username>:<user authentication key>@<jenkins server address>/job/<project name>/build?token=<build token>

I even picked up a few WebDev skills to write a shiny UI for the Test Reports, generated from QTestlib’s xml files (I tried looking for the existing tools, but none of them seem to be working):


Yep. I actually manually created the test cases for the top 1000 words in the english Dictionary.
I probably should clean this code up and release a QTestlib Reports tool. Later on….



By the end of this week, I hope to stop working on the “Engine” part. So next week I can actually fix the Maliit plugin to make it ready for an alpha build.


Cheers! 🙂

Skeyer gets a Jenkins server