Skeyer gets a facelift

Work In Progress

1) Implemented a basic User Dictionary functionality

2) Cleaned up the Keyboard file format. I think I need to do this once more.

3) Experimented with a few more custom dictionaries generated from stardict dictionaries. The prediction performance is now satisfactory.

4) Slight improvements to the word prediction algorithm based on the perplexity. The prediction precision in general has improved quite a lot, except in the case of short words for which you have to swipe a long track (like “tfdsasdfghjijnbhgt” -> “taint”) where it is now abysmal.

5) The facelift for the UI has started. Something tells me this will be a lot trickier to get right though.

Next Tasks: ——————–

1) Implement the long press and extended keypress popup functionality for the keys.

2) Annoy Maliit folks to help me compile the Maliit plugin. (Update: DONE. Thanks to bfederau, I got to compile and run Maliit on my desktop.) – Now time to develop the Maliit plugin.

3) Fix the annoyances with the Prediction functionality.

4) Implement the state machine to take care of actual text input.

5) Finish off the UI facelift

Skeyer gets a facelift

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