Moving on…

Since I m long overdue for this blogpost, here are a few pictures to say it all……

Thanks a ton for the Maemo Community: The Puppy File Server won this gorgeous device in the Maemo Coding Competition 2012!
Got to have a really amazing conversations with really amazing people during the 3 days of interviews for Dream Industries in Moscow! I really wish them a very good luck with
It was really an exciting time for Luna: Apart from numerous improvements, Thanks to Michael Holub, Aditya Bhatt, Smit Shah, The upcoming VSXu 0.4 even got some OS X love!

2012 really was an year full of amazing conversations, really interesting ideas and interestingly interesting events for me….. since i might or might not ever talk about them again……. let me simply jot them down briefly:

a) Why the current state of Mobile Advertising is done horribly wrong… – a conversation that probably became one of the major reasons i quit my previous job:

b) How do we build an ideal music recommendation service: simply(and magically) suggest all the songs a user likes – then how would the user even know if he likes/dislikes a song? Adding a sense of progress/exploration?  A sense of flow? – a conversation that only lead to more questions…

c) Talked about even more interesting things I never thought I would even think about, with even more amazing people – which finally helped me choose the path i currently am on…

But as we all know, all talk, no work makes jack a dull boy. So

I’ve joined e-GITS as a Software Engineer.
Moving on…

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