4 weeks of unemployement

And its that time for a bit of looking back at things…

So the first week was a bit of cycling for pleasure and meeting up old friends I ve been wanting to meet for over a year…
And the next week I made the Puppy File Server and pushed it to the Nokia Store! 😀 (Visit the project page for more details)
And the Week After that I rewrote the forgotten VSXu-Tomahawk Integration to get it ready for primetime! 😀
And then…. Experimented a little bit with meteorjs, half finished a surprise pet project with VSXu, Resurrected my good (9 year) old machine because my fav. 5 year old laptop decided to die (fried up motherboard because of overheating :/ ) and umm… thats mostly it i guess…

And Then a week of tooooooootal slacking off….. i cant even find how/where the time leaked away ………….  So i guess its time i  start looking for a job … so let me know if you know of any interesting opportunities for me 🙂

4 weeks of unemployement

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