Quick update on the last 8 months…

And After a loooooooong wait, finally have gotten my Shiny MOX
And also attended my graduation ceremony 😀
And also i ve managed to put bits and pieces of OpenCV into VSXu (www.vsxu.com). If all goes well, we should soon have the really cool VSXu Augmented Reality Toolkit! 😀
P.S 1) For those who dont know, VSXu is this super cool Visual Programming environment for computer graphics using OpenGL …
2) This is one more reason why I am excited about the Vision Class at coursera 😀
And then I got myself a shiny bicycle 😀
Finally managed to get bits and pieces of VSXu (www.vsxu.com) running in Tomahawk (www.tomahawk-player.org) – still a WIP though 😛
(and NO, even though i ve hit a dead end with VSXu + Amarok because of Architectural issues, i havent given up on it yet.. If hopefully, i ll deliver it by the end of this summer 🙂 )
And the superbunny won me the halloween doll making contest at Work 😀
And then I ve joined Chitika’s Mobile Team at India….. so now I ve finally become a computer geek, by nature and profession 😀
Because of some VISA issues, i couldnt attend the DS, but nevertheless I Worked for the DS TShirt design competition…. and…….. got stuck and carried away with the design at midway(read: college issues). So this is where i put a pause to it.. Any guesses what I had in my mind when desigining this??
Incase you didnt get it , here is the explanation : “The Area 51 is just a Decoy: Desktop Summit is where all the Awesome Out of Planet Technology is explored.” Alien because, for most of us KDE folks, the Gnome is still unknown and vice versa. And both KDE and GNOME is still an alien thing for the outsiders 😉
A little hard disk crashed and it took away a lot of important data along with it.


Quick update on the last 8 months…

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