A Thanking Note

Basically, I will be graduating in a month and half (hopefully ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) So was pondering about what all will be taking along with me, that I gained during my college life…..

So, KDE (and foss in general) is one of the first things that came to my mind, and along with it came the memories of conf.kde.in , that took place a month ago….ย It obviously was the most awwsome time, I had in a long time…..

So whats so Awwsome about it?Well, met lots of interesting folks …. and when i said interesting, It really was meeting *so many* people who shared similar interests with me….. and that really is a nice experience…

It was a really nice bonding experience, from a personal perspective… I mean we finally were able to put some faces on the names that were registered in our heads… And then, It was an intellectually satisfying experience…. cuz when you meet so many awesome people, you obviously can’t stop them talking about sooooooo many interesting topics….. And then it was also really useful to make some contacts… basically whom to bug for what…. and then on the whole it really was a nice experience……

And then I finally got some time to sit down with friends and finish off some looooooong overdue work, which I will be bragging about in the next Blogpost, really soon…. I promise ๐Ÿ™‚

And ya My session was supposed to introduce beginners to programming/Qt to the basic features of Qt GUI, with the help of this small minesweeper.. Due to the unavailability of time,cuz of the overwhelming response, it was scaled down from a 4 hours lab session(where everyone gets to make one) to a 30 minutes talk(i explained bits and pieces of code in the most raw and boring way possible). ย So, dunno how many of you actually benefited from it.. so here I am, I have uploaded everything onto my BitBucket Repo (Including my presentation slides) , Hope it is useful…

from 0 to minesweeper :ย in python and qt

So many people

A Thanking Note

2 thoughts on “A Thanking Note

  1. NBS says:

    Your PyQt was much useful… it created a lot of interest in ppl like me who cudnt make it to CS / IT in engg…. but had a lot of interest in IT….
    Hope you extend ur help in the coming future……
    Lucky to have spent wonderful years with you …. ๐Ÿ™‚

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