Was actually looking back into my 6th semester in DA…It was a year ago and Can’t really recall much of it… so thought to write down whatever that comes to my mind about it:

I remember how torn I was… so many choices.. I wanted to do: make some music, play with OpenGL, finish off animation assignments (We had this really awesome professor: “Binita Desai”), made what felt like awesome presentations for some courses… put a bit of me into everything that I ve done… for the first time I used to actually fill in the calendar on my N70..

and then….1 thing I can clearly remember from this semester is how I fought for everything that I wanted … each of which had it’s own way of working out(or not)….

The Software Engineering course project I wanted to do – was turned down by the team members, gave me a hard time, made me realize some stuff, pushed me to do a GSoC on it… which should be out with/for KDE PIM 4.6… I promise. 🙂

An attempt to rescue the “so called friends” from getting thrown out of the semester – Failed miserably, showed me how many things I’ve been taking granted…

Wanted to go for the Microsoft  Imagine Cup…I was a bit late to register for the contest so couldn’t participate… Another “so called friend” secretly submitted my work as her own and became a National Finalist… I guess I ll never forgive her/them for that and it’s aftermath…… may be there were a few more things I fought for,but I’d rather not look back into them…  at least not here…

but this is where, I guess, I was “unplugged from the Matrix”… even after looking back at things so many times, I really can’t see where I went wrong…….

hmm…..anyways… the song “Viva La Vida” from Coldplay… just popped in my playlist!!

I guess I ll sign off and ponder about things…

And ya, here are some of the Animation Assignments from Sem 6….

I Did this a *long time* ago… wanted a screensaver for my Nokia 3230…

I had to animate a galloping horse, but lost interest while doing it…

This one… I had to animate a Whip in action…

(btw. I really don’t have anything to do with… just couldn’t think of some other name…)

I had to animate a walk cycle… I ended up doing this though…. 😀

and…This one… I had to animate something that can loop forever….

and ya, this one is a set of system sounds I wanted to submit for inclusion in Ubuntu.. its a WIP for like the past ……so long… :O



2 thoughts on “Hmm….

  1. @denny “secretly submited it as her work…” … One should be careful when dealing with such sensitive issues you see.. Especially when that’s the least of one’s concerns at present 😛 btw. you guys are seriously missing out on the animation course…any idea if Bini is coming back next semester?

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