To Munich… :D

Finally after 2 weeks of running and running, here i’m , on my way to Munich: for my first KDE coding sprint(and then the Qt Developer Days and then, of course, a couple of days roaming around :D). So here let me fill you in with the little details of the really huge last 2 weeks!
Monday:(finally)got my official invite to the sprint

Tuesday: got the permission from the college

Wednesday: it all the documents ready :O !!

Thursday: flew down to chennai to apply for the visa, only to get forwarded to mumbai. Anyways,thanks Nikhil for helping me around πŸ™‚ immediately flew down to bombay!!

Friday: went down to the embassy and thats it! Just amazed @ their awesome speed of processing!
Weekends: Had a lively time in the IIT Bombay: Thanks to Ameya and friends πŸ™‚

Monday:Bam!!! Fell down from the train(to embassy), blackout, don’t remember the rest. Thanks a LOT to the stranger in railway station who helped me recover from the incident: really owe you a lot πŸ™‚

Tuesday:Finally collected my passport and Visa and immediately flew down to home(Hyderabad)! Thanks to Vishal and Ameya(again!) πŸ™‚

Wednesday: Got a medical check up and got a green signal from the doctor and rebooked the cancelled flight tickets(!) πŸ™‚

Now: You Obviously know this one!!

Awaiting the sprint…. πŸ˜€

To Munich… :D

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